how to impose pressure loss gradient in Fluent ?

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Hello every body

I am simulating a fluid in a cyclonic filter with particles injection.

I have as inlet BC : Velocity inlet or mass flow inlet ; there is a constraint : the pressure loss must'nt exceed 5 mbar ( P_outlet-P_inlet) ; i know my pressure inlet ( 110155 Pa)

Have you an idea please how can i impose this pressure loss constraint in BC (Ansys Fluent) ? In other way : What i must impose in inlet and outlet ? I can't impose Pressure inlet BC since i will use velocity inlet . I can only impose pressure outlet .

Thanks you for help

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  • @DrAmine Can you please explain me furthermore what do you mean by " Start with fixed velocity then switch to pressure inlet pressure outlet" ?

    Do you mean i try at first :

    Velocity inlet /pressure outlet ; then i try pressure inlet /pressure outlet ?

    Thank you

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