help on Multiphase simulation of friction stir welding

Hi everyone

I'm trying to simulate an FSW weld with two different materials.

In this work, I should put heat flux on the wall. This heat flux comes from the multiplication of the friction coefficient and perpendicular pressure.

Because of the difference between the materials' friction coefficient, there will be a difference in heat flux. And I should know that where is which one.

so I'm using C_VOF in my UDF, but because there is not any macro for VOF on a face, I'm using "C_VOF(F_C0(f,t),THREAD_T0(t))", but when I want to initialize the solution fluent crashes out with these messages in the error log file:

Error [node 999999] [time 10/24/20 13:57:27] Abnormal Exit!

Node 0 Fatal signal raised sig = Segmentation fault

Error [node 0] [time 10/23/20 13:47:28] Abnormal Exit!

I should mention that I try both interpreting and compiling schemes for UDF, and both are the same.

I think that there is some problem in my definition, and I put some of the code here :

DEFINE_PROFILE(heatflux_slip_shoulder_W, t, i)


face_t f;

double pi = 3.1415927;

double w = 1120;

double U = 0.002;

double press = 12700000;

double delta = 0.9;

double etta = 0.7;

double heat_ratio = 0.6383;



double p[ND_ND]; /* this will hold the position vector */

double x, y, r, sigma_6, sigma_5, tav_6, tav_5, tav, fric, qslip, FV;

double temp = F_T(f,t);

FV = C_VOF(F_C0(f,t),THREAD_T0(t));

F_CENTROID(p, f, t);

x = p[0];

y = p[1];

r = sqrt((x*x) + (y*y));

********* for simplicity and not bothering you, I remove the body of code here************

F_PROFILE(f, t, i) = heat_ratio * qslip;




The picture of the message before the crashes are also attached.

Can anyone help me or guide me where I'm wrong.


Mohammad Reza

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