Tensile Test on composite panel (Ply Failure)

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I am trying to figure out the tensile strength of the composite panel and how does fiber misalignment influences it. The panel here is 2mm thick consisting of 0/4/4/0 degree plies each of 0.5mm. Using ACP PrePost, I applied multiple failure criterias to observe where exactly the ply fractures. For the standard displacement i.e. 2mm, I am getting the following failure contour for the top ply:

I don't know what does th, e1t and e2t stands for. I think from the legend it is safe to conclude that the entire red region has fractured. To find the localised region of failure, Should I reduce the applied displacement ?

Lastly, I wanted inquire about the stresses I am getting. In my opinion, these values are much higher.

Is the stress contour alright? Or have I messed up the boundary conditions ? (I applied fixed support on one tab, applied displacement along x on the other, and constrained the panel displacement in z and y directions)

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    Thanks. You are a legend!

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