Strain-Stress Plot from Deformations of Beam elements

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Goodmorning, I'm a student in training with ansys so maybe I'm asking a very stupid question.

I'm working with Lattice Structures, in particular an Octet-Truss structure, as shown in the figure. I will try to list the workflow to let you understand better:

-I built the structure with a CAD and saved it in STEP file.

-Then I uploaded the step file in Geometry->SpaceClaim and used the command "Extract Beams", because I'm supposed to work with beam elements. Then I closed every node and that's it, I obtained the same structure but made of beams and closed nodes.

-Then I went to do a Modal Analysys and it worked fine. So I opened a "Static Structural" analysis and went to "Model".

-I then went to set the mesh grid to 0,5mm, then 4 bottom fixed nodes, another 4 nodes (top) fixed in rotation and displacement and then I applied a nodal force of 1000N on the top 5 nodes.

Now, the thing is that it seems I can only solve for "Deformation" or Axial/Shear ((and it's totally understandable)) but the final goal were to find a strain-stress curves (i already have the properties of the materials).

So I'm asking if there's a way to obtain the strain-stress curves of this sctucture directly from Ansys and from the deformations results of this simulation even if it's a "Beam Structure" OR If I have to do another separate simulation with the "Normal Strucutre".

I hope i've explained myself well, sorry for the long post and the bad english.




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