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I just wanted to ask if there has been plans about creating an APDL course as part of Ansys Innovation courses.

I am interested in learning APDL better and being able to use more APDL commands alongside with my simulation work in Ansys Mechanical. The course could maybe also give an introduction to the Classic Ansys (or this could maybe be even another course).

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    Hi Niklas,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Presently, we have a lot of topics in the pipeline for AIC courses; however, learning APDL or using the Mechanical APDL program is not in our immediate pipeline. This is because most of our users use Mechanical, which supports most of the oft-used features of Mechanical APDL and is much easier and flexible to use. Furthermore, using "Commands (APDL)" objects is not necessary nowadays, but even so, only a few specific APDL commands tend to be used. The above statement is a very general one, and your situation may differ, but I just wanted to explain why these two topics are not in our immediate pipeline for future AIC courses.

    In the Help documentation, there is a "Introductory Tutorials" portion in the Mechanical APDL help, which I'd recommend for anyone new to Mechanical APDL. The "ANSYS Parametric Design Language" section covers APDL well (in addition to the "Command Reference"), and what is nice is that the Mechanical APDL documentation is full of APDL examples - in the Procedural Guides, Technology Showcase section, and Verification Manuals (separate section of Help documentation). Thus, the Help documentation is rich with examples and instruction on learning Mechanical APDL GUI or APDL for anyone new. Especially when it comes to scripting languages such as APDL, referencing examples is very instructive in learning syntax and how features work.




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