- simulation diverges if I apply the force when considering the blocks as separated (frictional or frictionless provide the same error) due to a internal magnitude exceeded. It seems it is not well constrained. This is why I was thinkg about a two steps procedure (Should I create a new discussion to get some information about the feasibility of a two steps simulation where the output of the first simulation are used as input for a new simulation?)

- if I move the blocks in the CAD to make them touch at least in a point the simulations works (I used no separation as contact since they can slide one on the other and they touch in a point, moreover frictionless or frictional don't work in this case) but it seems that the force is not transmitted by the lateral connection, only by the contact surface

-In previous simulations I assumed the contact between the two surfaces as frictionless because I don't know the actual friction that can occur, moreover the environment where the blocks are is lubricated thus I thinks I can assume no friction.