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You are right. I tried the computation of HTC with constant Nusselt number and, as you said, only specification of HTC in terms of "k*Nu/d" was enough. Maybe there is a specific reason why the implementation of "Ranz-Marshall" model requires also addition of interface area.

Regarding "Geo-Reconstruct", I found it as a suitable in the case of planar surface evaporation. This is shown in the attached figure.

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The physical properties (density, specific heat, thermal conductivity and viscosity) of water-liquid and water-vapor are taken from [1]. Also, the analytical solution shown here is extracted from [1] using [2].

[1] Y. Sato, B. Ni?eno, A sharp-interface phase change model for a mass-conservative interface tracking method, Journal of Computational Physics, 249, 2013, 127-161.
[2] A. Rohatgi, WebPlotDigitizer, Version 4.2, 2019.