i have followed the instructions given by you for material data. as given by you in #9 in your post. 

i have some doubts. the young's modulus value that i have taken is 1850Mpa.

1) the plastic strain is coming to be all negative. i have used the campusplastics data points. what to do?

2) the data points that i used is below.

3) material data from is given below.

4) the formula used are posted below.

5) the obtained results are posted below. the plastic strain is negative for all but one row.

what to do? please correct me if i have gone wrong somewhere. 

6) i have tested 24 samples of varying designs. i have obtained force-displacement diagram for each of these samples. should i post the diagram alongwith the sample design here?

7) i also wanted to compare the stress- strain curve obtained from experiment and ANSYS simulation. what to do? please tell me.

please reply ASAP.