I tried this simple exercie but I always find this error:


Update failed for the solution in System coupling 'Fluent flow ( fluent) threw an exception' The FLUENT aplication failed to initialize.




 *** FATAL ***                           CP =       0.453   TIME= 225:45
 MAPDL is unable to connect to the system coupling service on   
 through port 63373.  Please check ANSYS execution options -schost and  
 -scport for a System Coupling analysis and ensure that the host name   
 and the port number are correct.   



+"System coupling solution stopped before al participants connected. Asolver failure ocurred during the run in the Fluid Flow(Fluent) system"+


And I already check Fluent and Structural by itself and works,

I also set the sharing licenses.

But the errors are still there,,,

Could you help me?