Thank you Mr. Zhang for your reply. Much appreciated. 

I have a few updates since I last posted my problem. First, a clarification, my simulation works for Al-1100. It does not work for Titanium. Apologies if there was any confusion earlier. 

Al-1100 Machining with STructural STeel as Tool Material

Above is the AL1100 simulation image. The chip formation takes place. Below are the images from the Titanium Simulations. Earlier pictures posted are wrong. The default strain rate correction (first order) in the Johnson Cook model was active and therefore the material deformation was very large. However, after correction these below images are the current status:


Cutting takes place initially and then the tool starts to move inside the workpiece mesh. Why is this happening? some reading led me to believe it could be because of the mesh size. It already takes around 8 hours to solve. Is there any general strategy for contacting bodies that I must follow?

Further, regarding Eulerian reference frame, I have read online that ALE helps in chip formation and generally most studies in abaqus set chip as eulerian reference. Unfortunately I am unable to do this. The option to set the reference frame is missing in my model as shown below. Am i doing something wrong? Also attached is an image from Ansys 17 explicit dynamics user guide.

Further, in the Aluminum simulation, the temperature distribution in the tool is not shown? I inserted temperature from the worksheet after the solution was generated. Is there any other way to do it. 

I greatly appreciate your support Mr. Zhang. Thank you for enabling this discussion. 

Looking forward to your reply. Much gratitude and thanks.


Ibrahim Nouzil