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1) My problem is to solve the vibrations in the compressor piping system. In this regard, the pressure at the outlet of the compressor is in pulsating nature (Transient Analysis).This is because the compressor is a reciprocating machine and it produces pulsating pressure.The pressure pulsation can be seen in the image shown below,

The applied load is defined as y=1378+(55*(sin(2*PI*20*t))). For this pulsating pressure Boundary Condition I have used a UDF as shown in below figure

Here it can be noted that the applied frequency has the frequcncy of 20 Hz, because the compressor running speed is 1200 rpm.

After solving the above problem in the ANSYS FLUENT module I am getting the following pressure and velocity contours.


Now my doubt is why we can't import this pressure load obtained in FLUENT to HARMONIC RESPONSE sir?

What should I do now, so that I can plot the bode plot??

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