Karthik R


As you probably are aware, the System Coupling option shows up with you explicitly attach your Fluent simulation to an additional module 'System Coupling' in Ansys WorkBench. It gives you a way to attach either temperature or displacement loads to your Fluent simulation. Just wanted to check with you to see if you have done that. Please see the video below to understand if you have taken all the necessary steps to enable 'System Coupling' in WorkBench and Fluent.

Regarding discrepancies in the number of cell and boundary zones from Design Modeler and SpaceClaim, were you able to apply 'Share Topology' action to your geometry in both cases? Did you see any error messages in SpaceClaim when you perform the 'Check Geometry' tasks? Also, did you mesh the geometry in Ansys Meshing? Did you create the necessary 'Named Selections' there?

Thank you.