Karthik R


Yes, it is possible that 22 degs might be an appropriate temperature. One way to understand the initial temperature would be to think about it in terms of a transient problem. In your physical problem, if you are trying to calculate the heat transfer from this window, what would be your initial conditions (at t = 0)?

If I were to draw an analogy: if I were holding an iron rod and heating this in the fire to calculate the net heat transfer. In the beginning, this iron rod is at room temperature. When one end is heated in the fire, the temperature at this end will start to rise. In order to simulate this heat transfer to a human hand, which is holding the rod, you will need to assume that the initial temperature is equal to the room temperature. Of course, you will need to impose other boundary conditions to be able to solve this problem to a steady-state solution. Again, this is just an example/analogy to help understand the concept of initial temperature.

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