Hello Peter,

I know this is an old post, and I am sorry if I should have made a new post, but I have a query related to this one.

I have a model that has bonded contacts, however when I perform the modal analysis, it shows me (in auto scale) two parts that are flying away. What should I do now to create a contact? Should I use 'zero displacement' support on those parts to limit their movement? Because when I do that, now the modal analysis shows many other parts not in contact any longer.

I have another query that might be deviating from the current problem at hand, but it is still related to this video. You used auto scale, and not true scale, to view the solution. I am confused about the use of auto scale. The internet does not help much on the issue, but what I have understood is that if displacements are very small, the results are shown in auto scale (with increased displacements) to show where the displacement would eventually occur. Is that correct? If so, then why would it do that, showing displacements that do not actually occur using the given load and boundary conditions?

Thank you.