@cblair Thank you very much. This is my understanding below. If wrong please correct me.

1. I can edit/modify generate DC-IV curve for 23 supported model.

2. Based on my datasheet, I can modify parameter and substrate (Rogers) type to compare the IV curve like datasheet.

3. After modifying the datasheet the model i get, I can use that as spice model for my co-simulation, right?

4. Besides, I can also extract S parameter from this.

5. For linear analysis, it would likely be S-parameters, and for non linear, a spice model.right?

6. How can I save the spice model and use that for future simulation?

7. For spice model, do I need to keep the full circuit model always? (e.g. inductor, resistor....) or I can add delete component based on my required circuit combination?