What you say makes sense, and I think we are talking about two different things. The Hashin equations use a "failure index, f", and from what I understand, when equal to or greater than 1 this signifies the failure of the fiber or matrix and the initiation of damage within a lamina. This is what I thought ANSYS was displaying when using PLNSOL,PDMG,MT. 

But you are saying that ANSYS is actually displaying the matrix tension damage variable, dm. This is starting to make more sense to me, as to why the value is always much lower than 1, even when the stresses present in the lamina satisfy the Hashin equations, thereby indicating that damage has initiated, and is present in the lamina.

Do you know if ANSYS uses the 2D or the 3D Hashin equations? Below can also be seen the "failure index, f" that the equations use. Again, this is what I thought ANSYS was plotting when using PLNSOL,PDMG,MT. 

Is there a way to get ANSYS to plot the "failure index, f"?




Thank you so very much for your time and help!!