Good morning, thank you so much for your availability. Yesterday I imposed different boundary conditions and the rotor started to move without problem but the calculation time is very long. To reduce the error's probability comes I put the time step as 1.e-07. Is it normal? or Do you advice me to reduce the element size?

Here there are some results. Now the calculation is continuing. I am not sure about the spatial discretization (I put all field in second order) and the correction.  I have used an UDF to create the mass center of rotor motion. In dynamic mesh I have choosen smoothing ,down there are the parameters and for remeshing I put the size 1 instead of 5. The mesh quality seems in all points good. How can I solve the lackages problem? In real situation the stator and rotor are koined by springs and they can move "up and down" to follow the stator properly but here the 3 chambers are linked.

Thank you in advace.

Best regards.

Claudia Staffieri 


 Is it right to impose different boundary conditions for example mass flow in inlet?



Scaled residuals


Buondary conditions






Mesh motion