Hi Peter, thanks for your ansewar.

Regarding your first point "If you applied a force to a face that was cut in half by symmetry, then you would apply half the full model force because the other half of the force is on the missing half of the geometry" ok this is clear, and in this case the stress values refers to the full model, right?

Instead if I need to apply a force in a region far away from the symmetry one as in the following picture I should apply of course the whole value, right? In that way I will get by symmetry the other half of the model with the same force applied on the opposite side.


One last point. Tha Ansys guide states that only flexible body scoping is supported for symmetry region. Thus if I cut in half a rigid body what can I do? I need to apply on a face of a rigid body (the face is split in half) a force load. In this case do I need to apply half of the force of the full force? How can I include the symmetry region on a rigd body?