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1. Applying several forces on a surface shouldn't be a problem. The warning happens when you are putting two displacement controls on the same surface. It may or may not cause an overconstraint issue. But warning message does necessarily mean your model set up is wrong. It is just trying to bring to your attention possible problems with the setup. For example: 

      Case (a), you have a displacement control that moves a shaft in the axial direction while having a remote displacement to make it rotate about the axial axis, then it won't cause conflict because rotating it doesn't contribute to any changes in the x coordinate, and you can ignore the message in this case.

      Case (b), you have a displacement control trying to move the shaft in the y-direction, and the same remote displacement control is rotating it in the axial direction, this time there will be a conflict between these two BCs, as rotating in the axial direction does change the y-coordinate of a point on the shaft.  And you should consider changing your BCs.


2. What result are you trying to obtain from the simulation? A static structural analysis won't solve if you have a rigid-body motion, but after hearing your simulation objective, there should be a way to get around this.





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