One way to make a good mesh is to assign a thickness to the straws. In the figure below, I made 7 straws with a 0.1 mm wall thickness. The center of the wall was at a 6 mm diameter, and the straws were spaced at a 6 mm radius, so they overlapped by half a wall thickness. I then merged the 7 bodies into a single body.


I decided that a sharp corner on the triangle will not make a good mesh. I added a blend R=0.1 mm You might decide to skip this step.

I then made a circular enclosure with this solid. Here are the Air solids...

You can easily add inflation layers to all these wall. 

Good luck.

Attached is a ANSYS 2019 R3 SpaceClaim file.  I can export parasolids if you are on an older version.