Thank you Wenlong for reply.

yes it is a RC structure under eq loading & elements are 5087195, and it doesn't solve yet.

I've not yet applied damage model but yes i do have one for now I'm applying standard gravity load and one side fixed and one end is friction-less and column upper face is under axial loading.

after some changes I've run the meshing for the part it shows the warning "One or more surfaces or surface boundaries might not be oriented correctly."

and after solving this error

"At least one contact pair has no elements in it.  This may be due to mesh defeaturing.  Please modify defeaturing settings which are accessible on the Mesh object.  Alternatively, set the variable "contactAllowEmpty" to 1 in order to allow the solution to proceed with a warning which can be used to identify the offending pair(s)."

i didn't understood why it is so?