Ah yes, I see the smiley now.

Thank you for all of your detailed responses.

I followed your steps and I was able to successfully distribute multiple variations to multiple remote machines in parallel, but I do have some follow-up questions.

First, one detail for the benefit of future readers: At first selecting 'specified user' (and specifying a user) stopped the program from hanging on the "...Determining memory availability on distributed machines..." error, but variations kept getting assigned to the same machine one at a time. To solve multiple variations in parallel on multiple machines, I needed to go to my HPC analysis configuration and change "Num variations to distribute" to something higher than 1 (but also not more than the number of solving machines, or else ANSYS would get stuck on the "...Determining memory availability on distributed machines..." error again).

Another question about step 5 above: What do I do if I want to utilize multiple compute nodes which do not have the same username and password? Is there a way to specify multiple username-password pairs, or do I need my network to be set up such that all the username-password pairs are the same for all compute nodes?