Hello Peter.
I've got three more question about bonded contact .

(..) Bonded contact puts elements between individual nodes over the whole face and creates a very localized connection. (...)

Could you please explain more specific what it actually mean ? How does actually bonded contact works ?
I made a little test model with two plates that are separate bodys. I mesh them this way that on the connection there are no coincident nodes on purpose. I connect this two bodys by bonded contact. And.. it works. I thought that maybe bonded contact will influence mesh somehow but it looks that its not.
If finite elements can be connected only in nodes how it is related to the bonded contact ?

2) Is bonded contact adding any fake stiffness to the element ? Meaning is there any difference if I connect two plates by making one part and meshing together or connecting two separate bodys by bonded contact ?

3) Question about info from help file.

Does that mean that the results from non-linear analysis ( Large deformation on + NL material)  of model with bonded contact will be inncorrect ?