1) You must perform a Mesh Refinement Study to know what the true maximum stress is. In the figure above, turn on the Maximum flag so I can see where the Maximum Shear Stress is located.  Why are you plotting Maximum Shear Stress?  Why don't you plot Maximum Principal Stress or Equivalent von Mises Stress?

2) If the maximum stress is on a node connected by a Constraint Equation (CE) used by the Remote Force, then you can't use Remote Force to transfer the load, you have to add the adjoining part and transfer the load more accurately.

3) If you want to compare how different FEA software programs compute using things like Remote Force, create a model in each program of a textbook example where you know from hand calculation what the correct answer is, then see how much each program deviates from the known solution, but first, do the mesh refinement study in each software before you compare with a hand calculation.