Hi Peter,

I start my file again but this time without Solidworks. I create the part in space claim to avoid some errors in the translation SolidWorks--> space claim.

So: I have the same design as you (but my internal circle is 5,95 and no 5,85). I create a circle enclosure with 3% of length. Then, as you said, a create 2 plan in the extremity of my honeycomb and I cut the part of my enclose that I didn't need.

But, I have 2 problems. Firstly, when I want to do my meshing, I can see in the folder "connections" that I have several contacts-region and not you. For each of my files, it's the same, there are many contacts regions and it's a problem when I set up fluent. Why you don't have those contacts? 

The second problem, I don't know why but since I built my part in Space claim, I can't choose a manual source for the sweep mesh method, it's only automatic or automatic thin. I upload an image where you can see the two problems. I wanted to attach my file but I don't know if you are authorized to open it. 

we transfer link of my files

Kind regards, Alex