Hi Karthik, 


Above are several pictures of the setup for my simulation. My first question is when you say a plane that crosses the interface, do you mean a vertical plane at a given x coordinate? As you can see I created a line along the water level (set at 5 m) and then created an Iso surface from this line. However my plot of this surface turned up blank as you can see in one of the pictures above. The plot of the volume fraction of the line created gave me some results however they did not tell me anything either. I could not find an option to simply plot the y coordinate of the water as a function of the distance. With this experiment I am simply trying to see wether my structure can enhance the waves and at what position after the structure will the enhancment be largest (so that placing a wave energy device at this location would be the best option). Plotting the maximum y coordinate of the water phase along the length of my tank is therefore what I want to do. I appreciate you taking the time to help me! Please let me know what I should do to achieve reliable results. Thanks

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