In Workbench, drag out a Static Structural analysis. Click on the Geometry cell and in the Properties on the right, set the Analysis Type to 2D. Open SpaceClaim. Create points using the coordinates. Call the Z coordinate a Y coordinate so you can do the problem in 2D and the points will be on the XY plane. Connect the points with lines to form triangles. The triangles will form surfaces. At the end, you will have a surface body with several faces. Do you have matlab?  A function called delaunay can compute how to draw triangles through a set of points. If you don't have matlab, put the .CSV file in a .zip file and attach it after you reply.

You don't have to use triangles, if 4-sided objects fit the points nicely, you can use those too. You can have 5 or 6 sided faces too.

Once you have a surface with a set of vertices that match the coordinates of the points, you take it into Mechanical and mesh it. Now you can assign a Displacement to each of the 48 vertices with the displacement data you have.

Solve and the surface will deform to have a continuous displacement field.