Change the 3D geometry to a 2D model.

In SpaceClaim

  • make a plane and slice through the solid geometry you were given,

  • delete one side then you have a face in the YZ plane.

  • Select the face in the YZ plane and Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V.  Now you have a surface.

  • Delete the solid.

  • Import the Points

  • Use a sketch to divide the surface into faces so that each point becomes a vertex of a face.

  • Use the Rotate Tool to rotate that surface about the origin and the Y axis by 90 degrees. Now the geometry is in the XY plane.

In Workbench

  • Select Geometry cell and change Analysis Type to 2D. You can only do this on a new Static Structural model.

In Mechanical

  • Don't import the displacements as an imported load.

  • Create a Displacement Load on each vertex and enter the displacement value where Z=X now.