we are using AnsysEDT, version 20.1 (most recent). As I understand this, I have two options to generate parameterized dispersion curves of structures with various material properties and dimensional parameters.


(1) I can use the -batchextract exporteigenmodes flags to export the individual eigenmode frequency and Q for each material, dimensional, and master/slave frequency parameters. I can post-process the resultant data files to generate the dispersion curves, which could be fairly cumbersome. This may, however, be the only way to do what I want. If this is the case, I would like to understand how to use LS-DSO capability with the project to maximally leverage my available solver nodes. 


(2) I would prefer to distribute parametric sweeps of material properties and dimensional parameters, with each "design point" sweeping the phase difference between the master/slave boundaries. In this case, I would like to simply export the results 2D report (of the dispersion curves) for each set of dimensional and material parameters. Again, in this case, I would like to understand the most effective way of distributing the solve across a cluster.


Thank you.