Thank you very much for your reply. I have the following questions:

1) The minimum units in my Space claim (SCDM 17.1) is mm. I cannot go to nm. I do have SCDM 18,1 (which can go to nm) but at the end I have to use Workbench 17.1 due to ansys electronics desktop 17.1. 

2) I do not have the assembly tab in either of them (?). Please find the image below:


3) By using the vectorize the image option, software could automatically detect the curves as shown in the below and I could extrude the object.

But I cannot use in the workbench 17.1 as SCDM with nm resolution is 18.1.

Thanks a lot for your inputs. 


Also primarily, I would like to do this 100s of times. And also there might be multiple holes in the required matrix of ones and zeros. (The above image is just a sample one, I will be trying different topologies)  Then the above method might not be feasible and also accuracy depends on positioning the image and the scaling. 

I tried to do make STL file of the 2D matrix array using the resources from these links and 

These links are helpful for some one trying

I could open the STL file in space claim both in 17.1 and 18.1 and could extrude it. 

But the only problem is I had to scale up the grid size else ( from nm to e-7 m or um) i.e., increasing the physical dimension for the space claim to properly display the file. 

I could import the geometry from Spaceclaiim to ANSYS electronic desktop. Hope I will be able to scale back the model and position it relative to the other objects I draw in ANSYS electronic desktop 

Thanks a lot.