Hi abenhadj

            Thank you for your response towards my queries. The species conservation are quantified to determine the concentration of individual species w.r.t to temperature in computational domain.

I have simulated plasma jet in two cases - laminar jets and turbulent jets. In the case of laminar, i used finite rate formulation with none-explicit solver whereas in turbulent plasma jet i used k-epsilon 2-equation model with eddy-dissipation concept.

Dissociation of N2 reactions are included in the reaction panel and the reactions are taken from literature.

My doubt is that whether the species conservation equation includes the reactions included in the reaction panel and the rate of production (Ri) of species i by chemical reaction are included ? or whether UDF should be used to implement this term in species conservation equation?

Please let me know your thoughts on it.

Really I appreciate all for their response to my queries and supporting me. And sorry for the late reply due to improper net connection.

Many Thanks