Hi Wenlong,

Thank you again for your contribution. Deeply appreciated!

Unlike you I'm not able to solve the structure with the code I attached in the previus post. In particular:

1) When I try to solve using only Dy displacement, the program gives me result identical to yours (hence probably is not considering DT?)

2) When I add also DT for the link elements, program doesn't give me a solution, and the following error comes out on the Output Window:


 *** ERROR ***                           CP =       2.578   TIME= 152:05

 A large negative pivot value ( -1.110223025E-16 ) has been encountered

 in the global assembled matrix at the UY degree of freedom of node 7.

 This may be caused by a bad temperature-dependent material property

 used in the model.


 *** ERROR ***                           CP =       2.578   TIME= 152:05

 There are 2 small equation solver pivot terms (e.g., at the UY degree

 of freedom of node 8).  Please check for an insufficiently constrained



Actually I'm using an APDL version older than yours (mine is 18.2). Do you think something has changed between the two version and that I should therefore update the program?


Best regards,