*** ERROR ***                           CP =   83804.156   TIME= 17:42:52
The value of UY at node 16247060 is 8.736429281+134. It is greater
than the current limit of 1000000 (which can be reset on the NCNV
command). This generally indicates rigid body motion as a result of
an unconstrained model. Verify that your model is properly

*** ERROR *** CP = 83804.156 TIME= 17:42:52
If one or more parts of the model are held together only by contact
verify that the contact surfaces are closed. Also make sure that
there are constraints (or friction) in the sliding direction even if
no load is applied in that direction. You can use the CNCHECK command
to check the initial contact status in the SOLUTION module.

The model is unconstrained in the Y direction. Please reply with an image of the geometry and the loads and supports. Describe how contact is connecting the parts.