Thank you peter for your guidance, but unfortunately i still need your help.

I already slice my modelĀ into pieces to differentiate the mesh just like you guide me, but i only slice the column because my object of study is the beam. Unfortunately i have a lot of warning and error in the model while i try to generate "mesh connection". The error messages for example like "Mesh failed to pass shape checking during post connection. ..." and the warning messages like "Master assembly base mesh file is not available. ...".

Actually i want to ask some question:

1. What is the difference between "Connections" and "Mesh connections" in Ansys?
for solid model Ansys usually detect automatically with "connections" but for shell model (my model) Ansys detect only "Mesh connection".

2. From your last reply you mention about "Bonded Contact", I only find "Bonded Contact" from "Connections" not from "Mesh connection".

3. What connection assumption is used in "Mesh connection"?
because i can't choose between bonded, frictionless, no separation, or frictional, only "tolerance type".

my model with error and warning messages attached in this post.

Your guidance and answer will be very appreciated.

Thank you very much Peter.