Using your version of ANSYS if you follow the instructions here  you can access the online documentation for workbench and systems(e.g. Mechanical, CFX) you wish to employ for the particular version of ANSYS that is on the super computers (navigating through the documentation may take a bit of time)

Then searching for "linux" or "commandline" within the particular documentation (e.g. Workbench User Guide, CFX Tutorials,etc.) that you think is relevant to you, should give the instructions for running on linux

Something to note, you may need software with X-11 forwarding  capabilities if you wish to do your setup on the supercomputers, to allow you to work with ANSYS using a GUI(point and click display).

You may also need some supercomputer specific instructions(separate to ANSYS) which you should be able to find from whomever is (maintaining the supercomputers)/ (supporting supercomputer users), to be able to run any software on the supercomputers