Dear kkanade,


my two curves are closed. So, I used your suggested command "Split edges" in Concept window. I divided each curve, in the photo above, in two parts. So, in the end, I have four parts, two in the lower curve and two in the upper one. 


Then, I performed the skin/loft operation on two of the four parts (one piece of the lower curve and the other of the upper one) and works well (so, with this operations, one of the two blade wall is created). But, when I perform the second skin/loft operation on the other two parts (for have the second blade wall), the operations fails, and returns a specific error:

Error: Feature has self-intersecting geometry
Context: Geometry Engine, while generating Feature Skin9

Warning: Open profiles should be used with As Thin/Surface = Yes
Context: Skin/Loft Feature Skin9


I remember that this error is not present in the first skin command, but in the second, when I try to make the second "blade wall". 

Maybe do I need to perform a single loft operation, in order to make the whole blade profile in a single command ? How can I do ?


Thanks in advance