Hi, I had run the model but it took a lot of time. At first, I tried to run the model with the engineering data which was created by me. But there came an error. 

" Vertebral contains invalid property".

Then I changed the engineering data. I used stainless steel in my model to check the Modal analysis of the fixed support. And it was completed but there were an error and a warring, This time it also took more than 24 hours. 

The warring is -

"During this solution, the elapsed time exceeded the CPU time by an excessive margin. Often this indicates either a lack of physical memory (RAM) required to efficiently handle this simulation or it indicates a particularly slow hard drive configuration. This simulation can be elected to run faster on identical hardware if additional RAM or a faster hard drive configuration Is made available. For more details, please see the ANSYS Performance Guide which is part of the ANSYS help system."

And the error is the same one.  

"An unknown error occurred during solution check the solver output on the solution information object for possible causes."


I do not understand how to solve this problem. When I am trying to attach any file, the website is showing an internal error. I can not even upload any photos to show you regarding this problem.  Please, guide me.