I used DM for create the geometry, in particular the  hub, shroud, tinlet and outlet contour.

My strategy for have a geometry that can be used in Turbogrid is blade drawing by import hub and shroud profile together with a skin/loft operation. Then, hub and shroud profiles are generated using revolve option. After this, sketch drawing is made for the contours needed in "FlowPath".

But here I have a problem. I cut the revolved surfaces along the Z-Y axis thanks to a new plane parallel to the Z-Y original one, then I used the option "Insert -> Sketch Projection" for have hub/shroud contour, and another sketch (the same type of the previous one), for the inlet and outlet section.

I convert the the last sketch in lines using "lines from sketches".

Then I create another plane, coincident with the last plane (in Z-Y plane), and I create four sketches, each of one contains the lines for define the four contours needed. 

When I use "FlowPath" Blade Editor option, it returns a specific error: 

Error: Hub sketch is not defined on an X-Z plane

But I have never use a sketch in X-Z plane! How it is possible? 

Thank you