Hi Steve,

I am trying to run system coupling in Hpc cluster. I followed step by step the ansys tutorial for oscillating plate model and exported the files we need. i did not face any problem until when i was going to add Data transfer 1 and 2 in system coupling. i got this error.

AddDataTransfer(Interface = "Interface-1",

                    TargetSide = "Two",

                    SideOneVariable = "force",

                    SideTwoVariable = "FORC"

                    )... ... ... ... 

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "CommandConsole", line 4, in

  File "PyLib/kernel/commands/", line 74, in func

  File "PyLib/kernel/commands/", line 28, in executeCommand

  File "PyLib/kernel/commands/", line 121, in executeCommand

  File "PyLib/cosimulation/externalinterface/core/", line 157, in execute

  File "PyLib/cosimulation/datamodelinterfaces/", line 176, in addDataTransfer

RuntimeError: Invalid variable provided for side one. Variable does not exist: force.


As i know we define deforming and system coupling faces in the fluent setup under dynamic meshing part and i did it. but about defining the force and displacement  variable we define them in system coupling not in fluent.

i will appreciate if you or anybody else could help me to solve this problem.