Hello, everyone,

a little bit of time has passed and I have been able to make some progress, but also got a new problem again.

Regarding the simulation of brake squeal, a modal analysis is being carried out in Ansys. In addition there is the possibility to assign damping values in the Engineering Data Materials in Ansys. For example, a constant damping value of 0.1 percent can be assigned to steel.

To investigate the effect/difference of damping, I have assigned a constant damping value of very high 20% to all components of the brake model (4 pieces).
Unfortunately I don't see any real difference in the simulation results regarding brake squeal.
Does anyone have an idea why material damping does not play a role in the simulation in this way? Do I have to change something accordingly in the solver settings?

I would be very grateful for any suggestions or opinions!

Many greetings,