It is a 2D channel where the air goes from left to right at Hypersonic velocity. Since I cannot use pressure far-field I am using a pressure inlet, pressure outlet and symmetries. I am using isentropic relationships in order to place the right boundary conditions to achieve such velocities. I am using ANSYS 2019 R3 Student Version.

I have attached a .zip file with the mesh (a 2D simple channel), a journal file (that executes everything for you) and the 2 UDRGMs (one with ideal-gas formulation and the other with real-gas formulation). So you can check the boundary conditions directly in Fluent and compile the UDFs (it takes less than 1 min to run).

You can copy and paste the "Solver_Journal" code into Fluent's console. Firts it will obtain the ideal-gas solution and then it will compile the example ideal UDRGM where you will observe that the passed temperature is way higher than the static temperature and its value coincides with the total temperature (I have set a warning message if the passed temp exceeds 500 K). Thank you in advance!