I followed your advice and kinematic Energy in comparison with Internal is much bigger. Internal Energy graph looks like linear function and kinematic is expotentional one. Secondly I increased time to 1s but only what I achieved is that both sides of test component are far away to each other. 

Additionaly, I changed erosion controls On Geometric Strain to off and my model looks like very big and one mesh cel thin structure. 

Is it possible that I lost some lines in my material models? I especially mean by Failure Features? Or should I add to my Hardening table the point which is representative for Ultimate Tensile Strenght? Material model and behaviour is very similar to standard HIPS

Material property of HIPS

Ultimate Tensile Strenght for my model is 35 MPa. I expect that there should be material failure by reaching 7-8% elongation and 35 MPa.

Thanks in advance!