Hello Wenlong,

I'm not sure I understand clearly what you mean. Your suggestion is to solve the structure using Workbench instead of APDL, and then create a ds.dat containing this solution which could be open in APDL, right?

If yes, it would be very helpful since I need the solution in APDL domain.

However, I'm not very familiar with using Workbench (I worked with it only a couple of time). For sure I can manage this simplified model quite easily, but probably not the more complex one. So my idea is to proceed with the following steps:

1) Create model and constraints with APDL and save it in a readable format for Workbench
2) Solve this model in Workbench
3) Export the solution in APDL and display it with /post1 environment

Do you think is it possible to do everything?


Thank you for your precious support of these days.