Thank you very much Kremella !!!

I watched carefully the two videos on YouTube “Analyzing FSI with CFX and Mechanical” but I have still difficulties to do it (link :


Firstly,I connected the 3 different analysis systems : Transcient Structural, Fluid Flow (CFX) and System Coupling. Secondly,I went into geometry and I create my beam and I use enclosure to create my water tank(= my fluid domain). Thirdly, in Transcient Structural I went in model I put a fixed support on a face because I study a cantilever beam. Then, I put a fluid solid interface and pressure on faces. The value of the pressure is equal to 0 MPa and the software told me that the “magnitude” is invalid when I click on generate and I don’t understand this. Always, in Transcient Structural I create a mesh and I click on Meshing and it seems to be Ok for the beam. In transcient Structural, I considered only the beam and not the water tank I have clicked on “suppress body” to have this. Moreover, in analysis settings in Transcient Structural I used the same parameters like in the first video for step end time (=10s) and number of Substeps =1.

According to the 2 videos, then I went on setup in Fluid Flow (CFX) and I choose System Coupling  for the mesh motion. I used the same parameters like in the video part 2 (total time=10s and timesteps=0,1s). But the software show me an error “Value of 'Timesteps' in object '/FLOW:Flow Analysis 1/ANALYSIS TYPE/TIME STEPS', '0 , 1 ', violates its lower bound, '1.0E-30 '.”

In the workbench, I can see that the meshing seems to be OK for fluid flow (CFX) but I have not create a mesh by myself for the fluid domain and it is quite strange for me. I don’t understand that.

Moreover, I have a problem when I go in System Coupling because I can not see participants and I can not progress in the following steps indicated in the part 2 of the video.

I hope you will help me. Thank you for your help !

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.