I suggest moving the load application point from the ID edge to the flat face of the top of the bellows (which is the left edge in the image above).

What did you use for a Boundary Condition? Please show a screen snapshot. Did you do a Step Change in Displacement of 16 mm and ran the simulation for 0.01 s?  You need to ramp the displacement up from 0 to 16 mm over a long time, like 1 second.  Note that ramping displacement causes a step change in velocity which creates some transients in the structure.

A smoother way to create the motion is to ramp the velocity of that top edge from zero up to some value at 0.5 s and then hold the velocity constant until time 1 s.  Choose the velocity that results in 16 mm of displacement at 1 second. This motion and some damping in the material will greatly reduce the contribution of transients to the deformed shape in the structure at time 1 s.