Hi mate

I have the same problem, but I am using isotropic properties of skin from literature (E and v). To erode the elements, I introduced failure strain criterion that is between 10-25% to remove elements as penetrating. I am also using explicit dynamics and want to measure the insertion force in time, do you know how I can measure insertion force - time. I am displacing the needle from the end to penetrate using Tabular displacement. In the available results, there is no Force components ! and I am trying to measure the force from the needle back (where the displacement is introduced).

Also, can you tell me what is your "End time" ? cause if I select my end time to be 3 sec. It will take ages to finish. So, I had to change it to smaller value of end times 1e-3. This end time is not realistic as my real end time based on needle movement should be 3 sec. Do you have any idea for my case? 

Kind Regards