Ansys Employee

Hardness cannot be defined as a material property in Ansys (or any FEA software) since Hardness only affects the localized surface behavior and not the bulk behavior of a body (the bulk behavior is controlled by Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio etc.). I am not sure what kind of loads you have and what the objective of the simulation is. Based on what I understand, Hardness is affected by the Yield Strength of a material. So FEA can be used to calculate the hardness number of a surface (assuming you have other material properties available), but it cannot be provided as an input.

In case you are trying to simulate a hardness test you may find these discussion helpful:


The only other option I can think of in case where the body (with material x or y) is coming in contact with another body, is varying the contact stiffness. I assume a harder material will have a higher contact stiffness. But calculation of contact stiffness (even when hardness is not in picture) is an a straight forward thing and you may have to search around a bit to figure that out.


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