Here I describe my problem in detail.

Here the water is flow from inlet to outlet as shown in this image.

suppose for inlet the diameter is 25.4mm while the outlet diameter is 1.5mm . Now my inlet mass flow rate is 0.34kg/sec and static pressure is 1Mpa as shown in first post.

I put that all things in boundary condition, so I get weird results mass flow rate at outlet is in negative and static pressure at outlet is atmospheric, but dynamic and total pressure is 42 Mpa.

How is it possible? what is wrong with it?

when I changed the value I got "divergence detected in AMG solver: temperature" and iteration stop to run. Why is it?

So my concern is If my inlet pressure and mass flow rate is fixed and I put that both in inlet boundary condition although I get weird results of both of them. why?

I want to know outlet pressure at tip as well as mass flow rate from outlet,also I want to know that pressure and mass flow rate divided equally or not.

hope you understand my concern.