Hi Aniket,

thank you very much. It didnt work for me the last time to add the picture to the post. Hope this time will work. 

I got the Hexaeder mesh. It looks like (bricks hidden):


And one picture of the bricks (mortar hidden):

I have done tests on a masonry wall in the laboratory, in  which i introduced a moment to the wall until it failed due to opening of masonry joints. Basically a part of the wall was lifted up entirely including the ceiling. Now i wanna model the opening of the mortar joint in static structural. My first idea was to modell it with a material that fails, when one principal stress is in tension and with failing i mean that stresses in this element will fall to zero (Maybe killing the element?). But I failed finding the appropriate material in engineering data. Is static structural capaple of deleting elements when principle stress is in tension? I have´t heard anything about fracture mechanics yet and i try to bypass it, since i have limited time to submit my results. I send you a picture of the wall (past the tests), where failure gaps are highlighted.

Regards and thanks for help 


We applied a load to the steelbar which equal a moment to the wall.