Hi sdeogeka,
Thank you very much for your help!

I have modified the structure to avoid the problem that we an external force is applyed the vibration material will be compressed and then the head of the bolt loss the contact with the plate. I think that this behavior can damage the bolts or unscrew it.

However I have convergence problem also with this model, maybe I do somethings wrong.

The new model is visible in the following pictures

The anti vibration materials is splitted in two parts and fixed at the housing trought 12 bolts and nuts. The pourpuse of the Fixing metal plate is to distributed the pre-tension forces to avoid a high local deformation of the anti-vibration materials.

In this way the bolts will be always in contact with the plate, because if an external force is applayed that pull down the plate the high-side anti-vibration material will be compressed but the down-side antivibration material will expand maintaining the pre-load of the nuts.

The simulation take a lot lot of time 22h and arrive only al 0.8896s instead of 2s.

The error is the following:

This is the Force Convergence

The mesh is the following



The bolt:

The contact

For the contact I have the following contacts near open and I not understand why:

Analysis settings

Partial results with scale 10x


How I can increase the speed of simulation? Which contact I can remove to simplify the problem? The mesh is correct or not?
Let me know if you need other information

Thank you very much for your time and help.